My name is Liz, although some people know me as The Stork Lawyer!

I am a former infertility patient, author of The Infertility Survival Handbook (Riverhead 2004) and The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Adoption (Warner Books 2006), adoptive parent, lawyer and advocate for those who are building a family through assisted reproductive technologies. My journey to becoming a mother involved four inseminations (IUI’s), seven IVF cycles, nine miscarriages, and three adoptions – but who’s counting? I’m happy to say that I am now the very proud mother of two children and that every step of my journey was totally worth it!

Even before I became a parent myself, I have been helping people build their families and realize their dreams. I have spent most of the past decade working as a consultant, an author, adoption attorney, and reproductive lawyer to help people through their infertility. Having represented countless donors, surrogates and intended parents through third-party assisted reproductive arrangements, it has long been my dream to start an egg donation agency; but not just any egg donation agency, one that was completely unique — this is how The Stork Lawyer® Connection came to be.

How is The Stork Lawyer® Connection unique? I’m glad you asked!

Most egg donation agencies see prospective parents and clinics as their only clients. Because of this, the needs of the donor are often overlooked to make the process better for the intended parent. What’s wrong with this “traditional system?” Well, for one thing many women who would make amazing donors choose not to simply because they didn’t feel that anyone was protecting them. They didn’t feel that they had an advocate who cared about how they felt, what was happening to their bodies, and how the donation process was affecting their lives. I have spoken to so many women who thought about becoming an egg donor but didn’t. Why? Because they felt like they were being treated like a commodity, not a person. And sadly, I have watched far too many egg donors – who are giving an incredible gift and should be honored for their selflessness – become disillusioned and even bitter as a result of the way they were treated during their egg donation cycles.

I saw a need to create an agency that would make the donor their main client, offering her additional services and support to make her experience easier, in turn creating an agency that would represent the women who want more than what a traditional agency could offer.

Sounds great for donors you say, but why then would intended parents and industry professionals choose to work with this type of agency? That’s easy: by providing an environment that cares for its donors, we naturally attract all those wonderful women who would otherwise not choose to work with traditional agencies or who are walking away from egg donation disappointed. We provide added services to the donor, such as nurse assisted injections, social events where donors can meet other donors (live and virtual), educational seminars, acupuncture services, a donor buddy program, and a designated agency representative for each donor to help navigate each cycle. These services – many of which are not common in this industry, and many of which come at no cost to either the intended parent or the donor – make the process easier and more rewarding for the donor. Happier, healthier donors make for a smoother process – in the end, everyone wins!

This web site provides specific information for donors, intended parents, as well as industry professionals. Our process is different than that of a typical agency and I encourage you to explore the site to get a better feel for The Stork Lawyer® Connection. If you have questions or are ready to take the next step toward becoming a donor or finding a donor, please call or email me or fill out one of our online applications.


Liz Swire Falker
Toll Free: 1-877-880-8002