Welcome Donors

Have you discovered yet that we are a bit different from a traditional egg donor agency? That’s a good start! Or maybe you’re wondering what it really means to be an egg donor advocacy agency? It means that we’re not here just to serve the intended parents’ or the clinics’ needs; although as a by-product of what we do for you we help them too. We’re here – I am here – to be your advocate! As a lawyer, I can only represent one party or one side of an egg donation match at a time. And to that end, when you sign up with my egg donor agency, The Stork Lawyer® Connection, you will be my client and my priority.

As my client I will represent you and put you first as I work with you to find prospective parents that are a match for you; taking into consideration both their wants and your needs. As a prospective donor doesn’t that sound refreshing? I hope it does! Do you know what else is refreshing? I look at each donor as a unique person. I have seen far too many agencies look at donors as numbers or how they fit into certain guidelines. At The Stork Lawyer® Connection, I can promise you that you will never be just a number!

We know that you are a special person. The fact that you are thinking about being an egg donor tells me that immediately. We want to match you with intended parents who understand and value who you are. Believe it or not, most intended parents don’t simply choose a donor because of her height and hair color; more often it is because of a connection they feel with you. Because of this, we spend a tremendous amount of time ensuring that your Donor Presentation Package is truly unique and shows prospective parents who you are as a whole person. We will make sure that everyone who sees your presentation truly understands what makes you an incredible human being.

We also are different from traditional egg donor agencies because we try to provide services to make your experience as easy as possible. From donor pedi-parties, to virtual seminars that discuss the egg donation process, and nurse-assisted injections, we will strive to make the process as easy (and fun!) as possible. It is my mission to remove any stress you may feel from this process and to provide a warm and comfortable relationship with our staff who will guide you through every step of the process.

Sound good? We hope so. If you have any questions, please review the overview of the donation process review and our application process. These pages will help explain the steps you need to take to become an egg donor with The Stork Lawyer® Connection!

If you are ready to apply to become and egg donor you can click here to get an application (please note the application can be submitted online or downloaded in both Word and PDF formats. If you do not have Adobe reader, you can download it for free here).

If you have questions and would like to talk to someone, please feel free to call us at 1-800-880-0088 or email us at Kelly.K@thestorklawyerconnection.com or Liz@thestorklawyerconnection.com. You can also check out Liz’s blog for much more information about this subject and more!


Liz Swire Falker