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Parents First off, I’m thrilled that you’ve found The Stork Lawyer® Connection and I’m confident that we can help you on your road to parenthood. As I’m sure you have read, my agency is a bit different from traditional agencies — and in more ways than one. The most important way in which we are different is that The Stork Lawyer® Connection was created from an industry wide need of having an agency that protected and supported the donors themselves. In addition to ensuring donor’s needs are looked after, we also provide added services that traditional agencies do not. These added services, such as mani-pedi parties so donors can meet other donors, virtual and live support groups, a donor buddy programs and nurse assisted injections (most of which are at no cost to you), help make our donors’ cycles and experiences more comfortable for them. Again, this sounds lovely for donors, but why should an intended parent like you choose to work with us over a traditional agency where you would be the “only” client the agency cared about? Very good question – and I have some very good answers!

First of all, I am an infertility survivor myself. I have dedicated the past decade to helping people become a family. Whether it is through consulting, writing one of my books or my law practice, my devotion is to making families. It is truly my passion. My donor’s are extremely important to me. I started this agency to fill a void in the egg donation industry. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t relate to what you are going through. In fact I do, on many levels. And as much as I am here for my donors, my agency has been structured with an awareness of what it is that you are going through.

For example, infertility treatment and egg donation are phenomenally expensive. That is why I have created an “A La Carte” pricing system, or a pay-for-service pricing system. You pay for only what services you need from The Stork Lawyer® Connection and only at the time you need them. There is no up-front agency fee to contend with. Check out our pricing structure on our page about Our Process and get a feel for how I have tried to structure the financial aspects of my agency to help you afford egg donation. If you have more questions about the financial structure we have created to help you, please don’t hesitate to call or email me and I would be happy to talk to you about how we can help make this more affordable for you.

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Another reason intended parents choose to work with us is because we are a donor advocacy agency. As a specialized agency catering to the donor, we have attracted an amazing group of selfless young women who want to share their gift of fertility. These women have chosen us because we are different. Thus it is our hope and goal that the majority of our donors are unique and cannot be found on other databases. In addition, my experience as an industry professional, and infertility survivor, has shown me what it takes to make a cycle work from both sides. Our training and support ensure that these women are prepared and supported to have a positive experience during their cycle and to reduce their stress level as much as possible. We want our donors to feel empowered and comfortable during their cycle. I’ve heard too many stories of intended parents losing a donor at the last minute because she was scared of doing her own injections or that she backed out because she didn’t really understand the commitment she was making. Through our legal support, buddy programs, training sessions, and even our regular get-togethers, we hope to empower our donors rather than have them become fearful or so stressed-out that they walk-away. You can also rely on the fact that we spend as much time trying to educate our donors before they begin the matching process, so even a first time donor is well-aware of what an egg donation cycle involves. That reduces your risk (although there are always risks in this process) of having a donor walk-away. I have put enough content on this website to educate a prospective donor about egg donation before she even applies to become one of The Stork Lawyer® Connection donors.

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I’ve walked a long road to become a mom. My Donor Recruitment Coordinator, Kelly, also is an infertility survivor and a mom through egg donation!! We know that when you look for a donor you are not just looking for DNA, you are looking for a feeling, a spark, a connection to someone! Some industry professionals will only provide ‘pertinent’ donor information such as physical description, health history, and education. They consider everything else unnecessary. On the contrary, I feel it is all the other details that, along with the essential information to help you assess a donor’s potential fertility, and provide you with a full and clear picture of this amazing and unique individual who will become your donor. Hopefully the information we will provide to you about our donors will help you find something that draws you to a particular person – it is that connection we are striving for! And believe me, as much as we are here for our donors, we want to create families and babies. We want to add your baby’s picture to our “Baby Wall”.

Kelly and I will personally work with you to determine what you are looking for and present only donors that match your wants and needs. We know you are creating a family and that more goes into a family than someone’s height, weight, and egg count (although those are important criteria too). I firmly believe that the best matches – the right matches where everything goes smoothly – are those matches that are made when you feel something in your donor’s background speak to you on an almost primitive level. You just “know” that this is your donor. We aim to provide as much information as possible about our donors, to help you find that magic something that says, YES, this is THE donor!

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Our “a la carte menu” of services provides another benefit to you. If you already have a donor agency and cycle coordinator that you like and want to continue working with, you can find a donor through us and still work with your agency. Yes, you read that correctly, you can still work with the agency to which you’ve paid a non-refundable deposit. (We do recommend contacting us to confirm your agency is willing to partner with us before working with and searching for a donor with one of our team members.) Or, if you haven’t found an agency, The Stork Lawyer® Connection can manage everything for you just like a “traditional” agency! We will work with you to find the perfect donor and our skilled and caring cycle coordinators will help you every step of the way through your cycle.

Or, if you are working with a beloved doctor and IVF Clinic and don’t want to leave them, or they insist that they you use an in-house donor for your cycle, you don’t have to leave your clinic. If your clinic does not accept outside agencies, we can discuss providing your clinic access to the donor you have chosen from the Stork Lawyer® Connection, and then your clinic can run the show just as it would for its own in-house donor program. Once again, you will need to verify with your clinic whether this is an acceptable arrangement, but many clinics are open to such an arrangement.


I hope you now see how, by providing a new empowering, supportive, and educated environment for donors, we in turn have created a better agency for intended parents. My experience as an infertility survivor and my careful attention to our donors, combined with our unique flexibility which is born from my own experience as infertility patient, lets you tailor your donation to suit your needs. While our donors are our number one priority, please know that I have stood in your shoes.

My business, and my life are devoted to helping socially and medically infertile families have babies.

If you would like to discuss your donor needs for possible matches, or if you have additional questions that I can address, please feel free to email me Liz@thestorklawyerconnection.com, call me toll-free at 1-800-880-0088. You can also check out my blog for much more information about this subject and more!

I invite you to fill out our Intended Parent Questionnaire to see if we can assist you in creating your dream family.


Liz Swire Falker

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