Our Process

Parents I know that it’s a little much to think that there might actually be an agency out there that is devoted to making sure that the donor’s emotional and physical well-being and legal rights are protected and that you, the intended parent, would get something out of it too. I know you have to be wondering about this “A La Carte Menu”, acupuncture and nurse assisted injections for our donors . . . what the heck is this agency going to be charging me? Well, not a whole heck of a lot in the beginning.

Yes, you read that correctly! We don’t charge our agency fee up front, and most of the fees we charge before you match with one of our donors get deducted from our agency fee. Why would I do something like that? Because, this is a different kind of agency; we’re about protecting and advocating for the donor, we represent her and not you, and I don’t get paid if she doesn’t measure up. While I put a lot of time and effort into making sure my donors meet our standards (ASRM compliant of course), I know how much time, energy and money you are investing in this process as well.

I am not about hiding information in the fine print . . . so here it is (please note that the following process will differ if you are already registered with an egg donation agency or are going to be working through your fertility clinic):

1. First, if you haven’t ever done an egg donation cycle or even an IVF Cycle before, we recommend emailing us to let us know that you would like a discounted copy of my Egg Donation E-Book, and/or whether you would like to purchase (at a substantial discount) a signed copy of my book, The Infertility Survival Handbook. The E-Book together with my Infertility Survival Handbook will help give you an overview of the process and the E-Book will help educate you not only about the process but about how to select a donor that is right for you. If you have a Coupon Code for the E-Book you will receive a free copy (for a limited time) when it’s released and you’ve contacted us to obtain your copy. If you’d like more information about obtaining a Coupon Code or for the release date of the Egg Donation E-Book, please email us!


2. If you are interested in working with The Stork Lawyer® Connection, the first step will be to complete out our Intended Parent Questionnaire. In the Intended Parent Questionnaire you will let us know what you are looking for in a donor. Using the email address or telephone number you provide to us in your Intended Parent Questionnaire, one of our staff members will contact you to start the process. We will answer any questions about our process, including describing the “A La Carte” pricing system and how we match prospective parents with donors. You will need to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and an Agency Service Agreement (which does not bind you to pay us a penny at that point in time), before we send any Donor Presentation Packages to you (this is to ensure us that you will not share any information regarding any donor profiles we may submit to you for your review, with any third parties other than your physician) and that you will respect the time and effort we have put into presenting our donors to prospective parents.

3. A member of our team will next call you to provide an overview of any donors we have that meet your criteria. While a member of our team will get back to you as soon as we’ve reviewed the documents and have started pulling a list of prospective donors, we know that this is both an exciting and anxiety producing time for you so please do not hesitate to call us on our toll free number 1-800-880-0088 to follow-up on the submission of your Intended Parent Questionnaire and Confidentiality Agreement. If we do not have any donors in our database that meet your criteria, we are happy to place some advertisements to locate a suitable donor for you.

4. After we review the donors we feel best meet your criteria, we will provide you with a brief description of the donor, her background and a picture to review. If you would like to see more information about that donor, the next step would be for us to provide you with our “Donor Presentation Package” for your review. Our Donor Presentation Package is a specialized and customized document that provides a thorough overview of the donor, including additional pictures, and information the donor has personally provided for your review. We spend a great deal of time and effort on our Donor Presentation Packages and consider them to be very unique and special, just like the donor who is profiled within it. We also will includes additional information, including a detailed medical and social history of the donor at various ages; together the documents average over (approximately), thirty pages of information on each donor.

5. When you are ready or interested in viewing a Donor Presentation Package, we ask you to sign our Agency Service Agreement. A copy of our Service Agreement is available to you at any time after you complete the Intended Parent Questionnaire and Confidentiality Form, including prior to our discussing any donors with you. We encourage you to review our Agency Service Agreement with an attorney, and upon request we can provide a list of experienced reproductive lawyers in your area with whom you may consult and review our Service Agreement. Although certain terms in our Service Agreement cannot be modified, we are open to discussing any term or condition that concerns you or your reproductive lawyer. (Please note that, we will not work with an attorney who is not experienced in reproductive law, although you may use any attorney not on our referral list, we will make inquiries to ensure that you have retained counsel competent in this unique area of the law). Please note that you are not bound to pay us any money when you sign the Agency Service Agreement.

6. Upon signing the Agency Service Agreement, if you decide you want to see a Donor Presentation Package, upon payment of a small fee we will then send you the Donor Presentation Package(s). You also may “Reserve” that donor together with additional donors at the same time for a nominal, nonrefundable fee. When we Reserve a donor for you, we will remove her from our database for a specified period of time, during which she cannot be shown to any other prospective parents. Any fee you pay to view a Donor Presentation Package or to Reserve a donor will be applied toward, or credited against our Agency Fee when you officially “Match” with your donor.


7. If you need additional time to review a Donor’s Presentation Package, you may arrange to Reserve that donor or other donors for an additional period of time. Please note that all fees related to viewing a Donor Presentation Package and/or Reserving a Donor are explained in the Agency Service Agreement. We ask that you sign the Agency Service Agreement before you view a Donor Presentation Package so that all of our fees and the terms and conditions upon which we work are disclosed to you at the beginning, before you spend any money!

8. Once you have adequate time to review a Donor’s Presentation Package, we request that you either Match (choose to work exclusively) with one of our donors, or that you release all donor’s from your Reservation List. We will, of course, be happy to provide any additional donors to you at this time for your continued review and selection.

9. When you select a donor and inform us of your desire to “Match” with her, a Matching Fee will be due. Unlike other agencies, however, you do not pay us our Agency Fee at this time. Rather, your Matching Fee will continue to Reserve your donor during the time the donor will undergo all of her medical and psychological screening with your fertility clinic.

10. As legal counsel to each and every donor who works with The Stork Lawyer® Connection, our donors know before you have even picked them that they will have no parental rights to the child you will conceive. Indeed, as part of the process of working with The Stork Lawyer® Connection, each donor will have a pre-prepared known or anonymous egg donation agreement that they are prepared to sign “tomorrow” to make a match with you; this is not a boilerplate agreement; these agreements are personally tailored to your donor. We provide them to you and strongly encourage you to review the egg donation agreement (this is a different agreement from our Service Agreement) with your own legal counsel. In fact, we urge you to retain your own reproductive lawyer to review the agreement and make any recommendations or requests for changes that you and your attorney deem necessary. Indeed, you can present us with an entirely different contract if that is what your reproductive lawyer recommends. We will review that contract or changes to the contract we have prepared with your donor, in order to create a binding agreement which protects your rights as the parent and our donor’s legal rights and obligations as the donor. But how refreshing is it to know that before you even start the process of working with even a first time donor, that the team at The Stork Lawyer® Connection has already educated your donor as to the legal aspects of becoming an egg donor and has reviewed and designed an agreement with her in preparation for her donation process? There is an additional fee for our attorneys to review a legal document that is completely different than the one we have prepared and previously reviewed with your donor. However, if you elect to make changes to our egg donation agreement, there is no additional fee charged under the “A La Carte” pricing structure.

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11. If you have previously paid an egg donation agency a non-refundable agency fee, you may elect to have that agency manage the details of your cycle. We have pre-negotiated rates with several agencies, and there may be a significantly discounted Agency Fee if one of these agencies will be managing your cycle. If the agency with which you have been working is not on our referral list, or your clinic is managing the cycle, we will discuss your financial options with you at that time. Please make sure to address whether you intend to be working with another egg donation agency or an IVF Clinic during your matching process so that we may fully explain the financial options presented by the “A La Carte” pricing structure as set forth in our Agency Service Agreement.

12. If you want The Stork Lawyer® Connection to manage your cycle, once your donor has passed her screening and you have paid your Agency Fee, we will begin the process of coordinating the details of your cycle, including cycle start dates, travel (if any) for your donor, legal review, escrow management (if applicable), and all that good stuff! There is an additional fee for us to manage your cycle (the “Management Fee”), as not all situations will require our staff to coordinate all details of your cycle.

13. Please note that we do accept credit cards, and special arrangements may be made for payment due to hardship or other financial circumstances. If you have any questions about the process of working with us, please do not hesitate to call Liz on our toll free number 1-800-880-0088.