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Professionals Welcome to The Stork Lawyer® Connection! I hope, as professionals, many of you are already aware of who I am and are excited about continuing to work with me and with my new and unique egg donor agency. It has been a dream of mine to create a donor advocacy agency for many years and I’m thrilled at how it has been embraced by the industry. For those of you who are new to The Stork Lawyer® Connection, I’d like to explain how we work with industry professionals, including fertility clinics and other egg donation or surrogacy agencies.

For Egg Donation Agencies

We can work with your agency and staff to find your intended parents the perfect egg donor match if you have not been able to find an appropriate match in your database. We have focused our donor recruitment on a group of select women based in the New York Tri-State area. Although we are ASRM compliant, we do focus on the individual applying to our agency and seek a certain caliber of donor. I am honored to say that the donors who have chosen to work with The Stork Lawyer® Connection, are all exceptional in some way. Whether they are of a unique ethnicity, or hold advanced degrees, or have wonderful personalities, I hope you will find that our donor’s provide more than just a good medical profile, they are incredible, sincere, loving women.

Since we work on an “A La Carte” structure, your clients can choose one of our donors and you can manage and run the cycle as if it were your own donor — your clients will only be paying The Stork Lawyer® Connection for minimal costs involved in selecting the donor, and then for any additional services that either they or you require us to perform. If there are additional services that your agency would like us to take on that are offered on our A La Carte Menu, we would be happy to discuss providing those services to your agency. Additionally, please note that all of our donors come with an anonymous (or known) egg donation agreement that must be signed with the intended parent(s). We have several different referral pricing structures to further help your client afford their egg donation. Whether they have located their donor through The Stork Lawyer® Connection on their own after retaining your services, or you have contacted us directly to locate a donor on behalf of a specific prospective parent we have special arrangements prepared to assist your agency and your client/prospective parent. We look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship with egg donation agencies as we all seek the same goal: to help build families.

We recognize that not all egg donation agencies provide or require legal services to their clients, however, as an attorney I feel that this agreement is necessary to protect not only the donor but your client (and your agency); this is a non-negotiable requirement of matching with one of our donors. Your clients are urged to retain their own experienced reproductive attorney, who may submit a completely different egg donation agreement to our donor and legal team for review and negotiation if their reproductive lawyer advises your client it is in their best interest to do so. Please note that a nominal additional legal fee would be applicable to the prospective parent (or your agency) if a different egg donation agreement were presented to our donor for review and negotiation).

If you are interested in establishing a relationship with The Stork Lawyer® Connection, please don’t hesitate to contact us to determine how we can best work together.

For Fertility Clinics

In addition to finding a donor match for your patients we can provide any services your patient requires, including cycle coordination or escrow management through an independent corporation. The advantage of working with The Stork Lawyer® Connection is that although we will remain an active part of our donor’s experience cycling with your patient, you may choose to look at one of our donors as one of your “in-house” donors. However, certain aspects of our arrangement with your clinic should be discussed in advance of having one of your patients match with a Stork Lawyer® Connection donor. For example, all of our donors and the intended parents to whom they donate eggs must sign an anonymous (or known) egg donation agreement. We can refer your patients to experienced reproductive attorneys as may be needed.

As an experienced reproductive lawyer and former infertility patient, I never assume anything and I always defer to the judgment of the medical professionals involved in the IVF egg donation process. If your clinic’s policy is to screen every egg donor at your facility, then that is our mandatory policy when working with your clinic. If your clinic adheres to criteria stricter than ASRM guidelines for donor recruitment, we will always present donors that comply with your clinic’s criteria for egg donors.

Whether you are coming to The Stork Lawyer® Connection as an egg donation agency or a fertility clinic in need of a donor, you can look at our agency as a “partner” to help you better serve your client or patient base. I have worked hard to create an exceptionally thorough medical and social background history on every one of our donors. Our Donor Presentation Packages provide all pertinent health, education, and social information, along with information that some clinics and physicians do not require. Each of our Donors provides a personal letter to the intended or prospective parents that will give your patient or client an understanding of who the Donor is as a person and provide a clear and full picture of the Donor as a unique individual. We have found that by providing such a comprehensive package, intended parents are more apt to find a true connection with the Donor that is right for them.

Nurse Assisted Injections, Acupuncture and Medical Companions

My years as a reproductive lawyer witnessing the egg donation process at an arm’s length, together with the time I spent in infertility treatment, has taught me a great deal. Donor compliance is an enormous concern both for the clinician as well as for the intended parent. Accordingly, I have put together a team of nurses to provide assistance both in training our donors to do their own injections, having a friend or partner do them, or by having the nurse perform the injection herself. It is our policy – although not mandatory – to recommend that the most critical of all, the HcG injection, be performed by one of our nurses. Similarly, acupuncture is a benefit to the donor not only for stress management but also possibly for the production of healthy eggs. If an intended parent or a donor wishes to utilize the services of a licensed acupuncturist to improve egg quality or reduce stress we will work with the medical provider to locate a licensed acupuncturist familiar with infertility issues to assist with the cycle, or refer to one of the many acupuncturists on our own list.

Fertility centers typically mandate that a donor have an escort or companion on the day of the egg retrieval procedure. If our donor does not have a companion available, we will arrange for her to have a companion on the day of the medical procedure, and one of staff members will check-in with the donor to make sure she is not reporting symptoms related to Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome.

Our donor’s safety is as important to us, as your patient’s or client’s success is for you.

I encourage look forward to having the opportunity to discuss our “A La Carte” pricing structure, and encourage you to review the overview of “Our Process” as provided in the Intended Parent section to get a better understanding of the services we provide. Please remember that any fees to review A Donor Presentation Package or to Reserve a donor are fully deductible from our Agency Fee, and our Agency Fee is not due and payable until the fertility clinic has approved all of the donor’s medical and psychological screening results!

I would love an opportunity to discuss how The Stork Lawyer® Connection and your agency or clinic can work together to provide service to your clients or patients. Please feel free to call me toll free number 1-800-880-0088 to discuss The Stork Lawyer® Connection either over the phone or in person.


Liz Swire Falker

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